Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Resume

In the field of investment banking there are thousands of applicants applying for a limited number of jobs. There are certain standards or benchmarks all candidates must pass in order to make it pass the initial screening. The first of these benchmarks is your resume.

The resume needs to be in the "investment banking" resume format, contain strong content, written with consistent formatting, and show that you have the skill set tobe a banker. This doesn't mean you have to be a finance or accounting major, although this certainly does not hurt, but you have to show you have the skills and abilities to succeed in this field.

First let's review content from a high level. The content must show and present your core skills and abilities. The skills and abilities candidates need to exemplify through their resume and in each interview include being:
  • intelligent,
  • analytical,
  • quantitative,
  • hardworking,
  • a team player,
  • possessing time management,
  • work well under pressure (ie. stress management),
  • multi-tasking,
  • committed,
  • fast learner,
  • self motivated (ie. take initiative),
  • leadership,
  • attention to detail,
  • a strong work ethic,
  • integrity,
  • an ability to analyze numerical data quickly and accurately,
  • strong communication skills - both written and verbal, and
  • strong interpersonal and presentation skills.

In addition to demonstrating your skills and abilities through your resume, you should also be able to show quantitatively how much you have accomplished at each internship, job, position, and/or responsibility. Did you improve, increase, compile, generate, or direct anything? If you did, by how much? Most of the time it is not easy to keeps specific numbers regarding what you have specifically accomplished. If this is the case then sit down and come up with some reasonable "ball park" numbers in order to "guesstimate" how much you have accomplished. Then you should ALWAYS run this number by your supervisor, instructor, manager, etc... to verify with them that you this is a reasonable assumption or number to use.

WetFeet: Killer Investment Banking Resumes.pdf

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