Thursday, February 21, 2008

Morgan Stanley Profile
Morgan Stanley's Annual Report
Morgan Stanley: Company Presentations

CEO: John J. Mack (2005 - present)
Notable Prior CEOs: Phil Purcell (1997 - 2005) He was CEO of Dean Witter when they merged w/Morgan Stanley in 1997

Stock Symbol: MS (NYSE)

Recent Close: Yahoo! Finance: MS

Guiding Principles:

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Why Our Bank?

  • Meritocracy

  • Mobility

  • Training


Our Culture

  • Diversity

  • Morgan Stanley has long believed that our leadership is predicated on having the best people who will offer the best advice to our clients in a first class manner. Throughout our history, our innovative ideas and cutting edge financial products have been developed by a diverse group of the most talented individuals in the world. We know that this is our greatest strength - the diversity of our people. To maintain our position of leadership, we continuously seek the broadest knowledge possible of the global markets in which we operate. Our workforce must consist of the most talented and creative individuals who represent a cross-section of our global community. Different perspectives allow us to retain our competitive edge and to provide the best service possible to our clients in accordance with the Morgan Stanley hallmarks of quality, innovation and integrity.

  • Work Life Balance

  • Our many work-life programs respond to the needs of our employees and accordingly, they address physical and emotional health, working parent and family concerns and general needs for increased flexibility in order to navigate the different spheres of life.

Notable Deals:

  • Upcoming IPOs as Lead Manager*: Anacor Pharmaceuticals; Aprimo; Cardiovascular Systems; Delos Acquisition; Emphasys Medical; Fabrinet; Intrepid Potash; KKR & Co.; MFResidential Investments; SS&C Technologies Holdings; Talecris BioTherapeutics; TransMedics; Wells Real Estate Investment Trust; Western Gas Partners; Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals; XDx

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Morgan Stanley History: Interactive Tour

    Morgan Stanley was founded in New York on September 5, 1935, by Henry S. Morgan, and Harold Stanley of J. P. Morgan & Co. along with others from JP Morgan & Co. This split of the commercial and investment banks came as a result of the Glass-Steagall Act. Within its first year it achieved 24% of market share among public offerings. In 1964, Morgan Stanley created the first viable computer model for financial analysis. By 1971, the Mergers & Acquisitions business was established along with Sales & Trading. In 1986, Morgan Stanley Group, Inc., became publicly listed.

    In 1996, Morgan Stanley acquired Van Kampen American Capital.

    On February 5, 1997, the company merged with Dean Witter Reynolds, and Discover & Co. the spun-off financial services business of Sears Roebuck. The merged company was briefly known as "Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Discover & Co." until 1998 when it was known as "Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co." until late 2001. To foster brand recognition and marketing the Dean Witter name was dropped and the firm became "Morgan Stanley".

    On December 19, 2006, after reporting 4th quarter earnings, Morgan Stanley announced the spinoff of its Discover Card unit.

    On December 19, 2007, Morgan Stanley announced that it would receive a US$5 billion capital infusion from the China Investment Corporation in exchange for securities that would be convertible to 9.9% of its shares in 2010.

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