Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Private Equity Prep - Advanced Financial Modeling Skills For College Students

As our subscriber base has grown to include readers worldwide, this blog post is specifically for all of our local subscribers in Utah.  There is finally a training course similar to Training the Street, Deal Maven, Investment Banking Insitiute etc... for students in the Salt Lake Valley.  This is a new program now being offered in Salt Lake City and Provo by Private Equity Prep (PEP) (  PEP is taught by a former Wall Street banker and provides advanced financial modeling to provide real world valuation and modeling experience. An advantage of PEP is that it offers the same training as those other modeling courses for less than half price of what the others charge.  

According to their website, "Private Equity Prep was founded in June 2008 by Justin Jory. Before joining a top investment bank in New York City, Justin graduated with a JD/MBA from Brigham Young University and was well taught in respect to corporate finance concepts.  Upon arrival in New York City, Justin quickly realized that a firm understanding of finance concepts was not enough. He found he did not have comparable financial modeling skills relative to peers from Ivy League business schools.  During training, Justin learned that his Ivy League peers attended advanced financial modeling courses that provided them with a significant competitive advantage." If you are living in the greater Salt Lake Valley and looking to get a job in investment banking, then I strongly recommend you look into pursuing this option.  Upon completion of a course such as PEP you will have the knowledge, skills, and experience to push you above and beyond your peers to the next level and land a job in i-banking.

Below I have posted some information about the rigourous course training you will learn during the course of 12 sessions.  

**Notice the key buzzwords you will be able to put on your resume and will be able to speak to in your banking and private equity interviews