Monday, July 6, 2009

Scoopbooks: The Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking

As an objective source of information on investment banking interviews and the associated recruiting process, we endeavor to provide our audience with the information necessary to excel in interviews and land jobs as analysts and associates. After reading Scoopbooks' guide to interviews and the recruiting process, cover-to-cover, I can honestly recommend this guide to every junior-banker hopeful that dreams of working in the investment banking division of any bulge bracket, middle market, or boutique investment bank.

Those of us with siblings, parents, relatives or close friends who have worked in banking naturally have a leg up on the competition because we are privy to the insiders take on the entire recruiting process. The first two parts of the book (The Recruiting Season and Life For A Junior Banker) completely level the playing field because the pages in these sections embody what your brother, dad, friend or relative might tell you. You still need this book even if someone close to you is willing to give you the low-down on the recruiting process; you will be THAT much more prepared.

Part 3 of the book is a nice refresher for the technical aspects of interviews. It breaks things down into the fundamentals and would probably be helpful for non-finance majors (like myself once upon a time). Let me be clear, there are lots of resources that provide this sort of information; Part 1 and Part 2 of the book is the reason for buying it. The book costs $29.95 U.S. and is worth every dime. There might be a few copies available on Amazon for cheaper but buying through Scoopbooks' direct site will probably be more fruitful:

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