Thursday, May 14, 2009

What IBD Groups Are Hiring?

The biannual Association for Corporate Growth and Thomson Reuters DealMakers Survey Results were published yesterday. The survey was conducted in April and represents the views of 703 dealmakers around the globe. Most interestingly, the survey presents current market sentiments and forecasts deal activity by industry -- an indication of the likely scope and location of job expansion in investment banking.

The three most interesting slides for investment banking job seekers fell consecutively between 9-11.

Slide 9 presents a broad M&A forecast for the next six months. 52% of respondents believe that the number of M&A transactions during the next six months will increase moderately compared with today while another 34% believe that things will remain the same. If deal activity remains unchanged we will likely see more layoffs. Each bank has forecasted employment to meet the demands of the current environment. If deal activity increases beyond forecasts we will start to see hiring across the associated industry and product groups.

Slide 10 illustrates the overarching belief that distressed deals will play a major role in total deal activity during the next six months. I dare say that this trend will last at least for the next year. If you are looking for a job in banking, I recommend you look to groups and shops that have recently advised on distressed deals. There will probably be hiring room in these groups as well as restructuring groups.

Finally, slide 11 illustrates the market's belief that deals in Healthcare/Life sciences, Manufacturing and distribution, Financial services, and Business services will happen. Look to industry coverage groups that cover these sectors for job opportunities. If you start networking today with bankers in these groups, they'll be thinking about bringing you on when they get overloaded in six months.

As a recap: The ACG-Thomson Reuters Dealmakers Survey Results indicate that hiring in groups doing distressed deals and restructing alongside the industries touched on above will be the first the expand. For a list of banks see my last post.


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting--thanks for providing this info.

Kevin said...

Just curious - how does that distribution of M&A activity by sector look relative to historical averages?

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