Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New York New York!

As the summer comes to close, internships wrap up, and students begin to prepare for another Fall semester of college, you should be thinking about the upcoming interview season and taking a trip to New York. Hopefully you have been practicing and refining your interview skills and are ready to walk through a DCF forwards and backwards. You should have contacts at all, if not many of the banks by this point, and you should be emailing the recruiters in the near future informing them of your trip to NYC requesting an appointment to interview.

In order to make the NYC trip less expensive I recommend a couple of things: first being to take the jetBlue red eye to JFK. That will save you a few hundred. Next, try and stay at a friends place for all or at least part of your trip. Last, go to Gray's Papaya and chow down on some great, yet cheap, hot dogs and smoothies.

This is going to be an interesting interview season considering the state of the economy and Wall Street in general. If you really want to be a banker.....you better bring your A game. Best of luck!


chrispycrunch said...

You have a very good blog with good tips. i'll be sure to drop by again.

shatterbrained said...

This blog is awesome. Keep it up.