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Banking Analyst Job Description

An important aspect of obtaining a job, namely one in investment banking, is knowing and understanding what your interviewers are looking for when they ask you a specific question. Many times you will interview with multiple people. Each interviewer is generally assigned a task, for example to test your finance knowledge, test your accounting, find out about your general personality, etc.... An important aspect to understand when interviewing is to know exactly what they are looking for so you can tailor your responses to address these issues.

Now ask yourself this question, "Could I give a detailed job description of what an analyst does and the skills they need to get the job done?". If the answer is 'NO' or 'MAYBE', then you definitely have a little more work cut out for you. Here are some job descriptions I have pulled from the web for investment banking analyst positions.

Use the following job descriptions to help you tailor your answers towards the qualifications they are requiring. Don't leave it to the interviewer to look back after the interview when they are filling out the questionnaire to decide whether or not you are analytical or quantitative. Tell and show them through your experiences and examples that you have the skill set they are looking for.

Bulge Bracket

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Middle Market

Middle Market Investment Bank - Summer Internship

Position Qualifications:

- Outstanding academic achievement
- GPA of 3.3 or higher
- Strong leadership and teamwork skills
- Superior work ethic
- Major in Finance, Accounting, Business or Economics
- Strong MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Middle Market Investment Bank (Looking to hire from Bulge Bracket)

Required Qualifications:

- Graduating senior
- Exceptional academic record, especially in finance and accounting related courses
- Excellent problem solving and analytic ability
- Strong work ethic and a drive for perfection
- Ability to perform under deadline pressure
- Team player, self-motivated and entrepreneurial
- Strong quantitative and technical / computer skills (e.g., Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
- Strong data management and research skills


Boutique Investment Bank with offices in MN and AZ

Analysts responsibilities include:

(i) prepare complex financial analyses and models
(ii) conduct due diligence investigations of client companies
(iii) support the preparation of detailed memoranda and presentations describing the key attributes of client companies
(iv) research potential buyers/investors and
(viii) participate in various marketing and recruiting activities of the firm.

Successful candidates will have an undergraduate degree from a leading university, with a major in finance or accounting. Relevant work experience as an analyst at another investment bank is preferred, but not essential. Successful candidates will be extremely smart, with particularly strong quantitative, writing and interpersonal skills. Successful candidates will be very comfortable working in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. We take a very team-oriented approach to investment banking, and therefore, also focus on team chemistry in our hiring process.


Boutique Investment Bank in Palo Alto, CA

Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to:

Generate unbiased, meaningful advice and dialog with a cross section of companies within the technology space.

Both originate and execute deals and cover all types of products including M&A, equity, equity-linked and debt and principal investing

Increase your knowledge of financing solutions, including structuring (both debt and equity), accounting and tax expertise, financial modeling and analysis.

Successful candidates will have the following credentials:

Strong academic record (or equivalent), with a demonstrably high degree of numerical, verbal and analytical competence

Relevant work experience within Investment Banking. You should be able to demonstrate solid quantitative skills and a good deal & pitch list. Your background will be in corporate finance or M&A and you will be able to demonstrate an enthusiasm & interest for working in the technology space.

Personable team player, with the ability to gain the confidence and trust of both colleagues and clients.


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